The Clean Way to Beautiful, Long-Lasting Hardwood Floors
Try the only environmentally friendly floor sanding system.
Refinishing hardwood floors used to be a monster mess. Clouds of toxic dust were spewed everywhere. You had to cover or remove plants, artwork and furniture. It took days to resurface any size hardwood floor. Clean up was a nightmare. But not anymore.  Now restoring hardwood floors is cleaner, faster and healthier thanks to our Vortex dustless floor sanding system. Powerful vacuums actually pull the dust directly out of each sanding machine and deposit it inside remote holding tanks. Dust never gets into your home. So you get beautifully resurfaced hardwood floors without the massive mess. The remarkable Vortex dustless floor sanding system is the ultimate in environmentally friendly floor sanding. If you’ve been thinking of restoring your valuable hardwood floors you should try our Vortex dustless floor sanding system. California Carpet has a Vortex dustless floor sanding system custom made to handle any size job. So whether you’re restoring hardwood floors in just one or two rooms or refinishing hardwood floors throughout the entire house, California Carpet’s exclusive Vortex system is the ideal dust-free solution.

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